3d Nitrile COFs Linkers

Covalent organic framework materials are a class of periodic crystalline organic porous polymers whose organic structural units are linked by covalent bonds to form periodic porous crystalline covalent organic framework materials. Covalent organic frameworks are two-or three-dimensional porous crystalline polymers whose organic building blocks are topologically connected into extended lattice structures with periodic frameworks and ordered pores. Three-dimensional covalent organic framework materials are composed of three-dimensional building blocks connected by covalent bonds. Due to the existence of three connection sites, COFs with three-dimensional structure can be formed. Among them, the 3d nitrile COFs synthesized by 3d nitrile COFs linkers are the representatives.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies 3d nitrile COFs linkers for COF synthesis. Contact us to find out how the 3d nitrile COFs linkers can help your work.


Catalog: CDM-CH050

MW: 153.14022

CAS No.: 10365-94-3


Catalog: CDM-CH046

MW: 258.2708

CAS No.: 1206-85-5

2,4,6-tris (4-cyanophenyl)-1,3,5-triazine

Catalog: CDM-CH010

CAS No.: 6876-34-2

4,4',4''-[1,3,5-benzenetriyltris (oxy)]tris-benzonitrile

Catalog: CDM-CH049

MW: 429.4263

CAS No.: 382137-86-2

4,​4',​4''-​ (nitrilotri-​4,​1-​phenylene)​tris-benzonitrile

Catalog: CDM-CH079

MW: 548.63466

CAS No.: 1800552-46-8


Catalog: CDM-CH014

MW: 320.34678

CAS No.: 51545-36-9

[1,1': 4',1'': 3'',1''': 4''',1''''-quinquephenyl]-4,4''''-dicarbonitrile

Catalog: CDM-CH023

MW: 609.71598

CAS No.: 685114-67-4

[1,1':3',1''-Terphenyl]-4,4''-dicarbonitrile, 5'-(4-cyanophenyl)-

Catalog: CDM-CH052

MW: 381.4281

CAS No.: 382137-78-2

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