3D Transfection

Three-dimensional (3D) substrates, such as 3D scaffolds and 3D hydrogels, serve as mechanical platforms for cell attachment and growth. Biomaterials with viscoelastic supports that can continuously adapt to external constraints and respond to many physiological stimuli are designed to mimic the organic environment of cells. The 3D matrix allows cells to be grown in vitro in a more natural way. Different from 2D cells, the microenvironment of cell growth in 3D cell model is almost close to that in the body, which can truly reflect the interaction between cells in the body, cells and matrix, cells and microenvironment, and to a certain extent reproduce the process of disease occurrence and development. In the last decade, it has been proposed that genetically modified cells grown or embedded on 3D substrates can be used as controlled drug release systems. 3D substrates can be made of a variety of materials (collagen, ectopic collagen, polymers, hyaluronic acid, fibrin...).

CD Bioparticles' services with customized delivery strategies, precise designs and modifications of drugs or drug-contained cargos, and advanced technical platforms can help you to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • In 2D cell lines, gene transfection efficiency is low
  • Traditional two-dimensional cell culture systems cannot accurately simulate the in vivo state
  • 2D cell culture system is unable to study many organic diseases
  • The biosafety and histocompatibility of carrier are poor
  • The mechanical properties of carrier are poor
  • The 3D structure of the genome is easily affected by transcriptional extension

3D Transfection Key features:

3D Transfection Key benefits:

  • High transfection efficiency was obtained in a variety of 3D cultured cells
  • The process is simple and requires no additional optimization steps
  • Compatible with a variety of 3D culture solid scaffolds and hydrogel 3D culture substrates
  • Low toxicity, safe operation
  • No animal origin, suitable for a variety of applications
  • Ready-to-use

3D Transfection Application candidates:

  • Treatment of bone defects
  • Tracking and quantifying the formation, growth and health status of tumor spheres
  • The invasive potential of malignant tumor cells is evaluated
  • Studies cell to cell interactions, such as immune cell killing
  • Organoid differentiation and growth efficiency were monitored in real time
  • Metabolic and toxicological tests
  • Studies on cell migration
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