3D Transfection Reagent

The 3D Transfection Reagent represents a breakthrough in the field of transfection, offering a sophisticated approach to introducing genetic material into three-dimensional cell cultures. Unlike traditional transfection methods optimized for two-dimensional environments, this innovative reagent is designed to navigate the complexities of 3D cell structures, enabling efficient and targeted delivery of nucleic acids. The 3D Transfection Reagent is adept at overcoming the challenges associated with penetrating dense cellular matrices, ensuring homogeneous transfection and minimizing cytotoxicity. This technology holds immense promise for advancing research in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and drug discovery, where 3D cell cultures more faithfully recapitulate the in vivo environment. Its ability to navigate the intricacies of three-dimensional cellular architectures marks a significant advancement, providing researchers with a powerful tool to unlock new insights into cell behavior and function within physiologically relevant contexts.

Product Name Catalog Unit Size Price
3D Transfection Reagent WHM-OB27 25 µL, 250 µL, 500 µL, 1 mL INQUIRY
Si3D Matrice Transfection Reagent WHM-OB29 25 µL, 250 µL, 500 µL, 1 mL INQUIRY
Si3D Transfection Reagent WHM-OB28 25 µL, 250 µL, 500 µL, 1 mL INQUIRY
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