A Comprehensive Pathway from Liposomes Formulation to Manufacturing

CD Bioparticles provides custom services for liposomes formulation design and drug encapsulation from a lab scale development to preclinical GLP manufacturing. CD Bioparticles helps our customers to optimize the formulation and function based on specific biologics and small organic molecules.

How We Customize the Drug Delivery Liposome Formulation

Liposomes, as the most useful drug carrier, has attracted a lot of attention in topical application in dermatology, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, etc. With our expertise, we can help our clients to develop an optimized formulation for a specific molecule delivery based on its characters through major three steps as listed below.

  • Formulation Development

Our lab provides a variety of lipid components to choose from based on client need. Our lipid list includes different types phospholipids with various level of saturation, sterols, etc. Selected lipids will be used for liposome generation based on the cargo features and size requirement. Please check our lipid product for more details.

  • Formulation Modifications

CD Bioparticles has developed different Drug Targeting Strategy to insure controlled drug release at target site. Especially the functionalization of liposomes with monoclonal antibodies or antibody fragments to generate immunoliposomes has emerged as a promising strategy for targeted delivery with a consequent reduction in side effects.

  • Liposome Characterization

After the liposome formulation has been developed. A series of liposome analysis and characterization will be conducted to insure the customized liposome formulation meets our client need and maintain the stability from batch to batch for scale up manufacturing.

CD Bioparticles provides tailored service throughout every phase of liposome formulation development to production. With our expertise in this field, increased drug delivery efficiency and minimized cost will be achieved in the meantime. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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