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CD Bioparticles is an established drug delivery company which provides customized solutions for developing and producing new, biocompatible drug delivery systems.

We specialize in a range of formulation and drug delivery technologies, from conventional liposomes, PEGylated liposomes for drug delivery to polymer microspheres and nanoparticles for enhanced drug delivery. We have strong and broad expertise and over years of experience in the drug delivery field. Our mission is to become the partner of choice as a leader in drug delivery, particularly in formulating challenging compounds with liposomes, polymers and other novel nano-enabled delivery technologies.

We provide contract services of drug delivery formulation developments for basic research, formulation feasibility studies, process development and scale-up, formulation characterization, analytical and nonclinical services. We also offer a large number of pre-formed liposome, biopolymer & synthetic polymer reagents.

At CD Bioparticles, we work closely with customers and collaborators to find the drug delivery solution that best fits their needs and our experts support clients through all stages of the development process, from formulation development to preclinical trials. We have successfully provided services and/or products to customers from university labs, research institutes and pharmaceutical/biotech industries from all over the world.

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