Adenovirus Vectors

CD Bioparticles uses a 1st or 3rd generation adenovirus vector packaging system to provide customers with high-quality adenovirus, helping you for gene therapy and scientific research. We have developed a range of techniques and reagents that have greatly improved the titer, purity, viability, and consistency of adenovirus vector services. At the same time, we can also provide you with a series of toxicological experiments and biodistribution experimental research services to meet your scientific research requirements.

Introduction to Adenoviruses

Adenovirus (Ads) are non-enveloped viruses containing a 35-36 kb linear double-stranded DNA genome inside an icosahedral virion of 70-90 nm in diameter[1]. The adenovirus genome is characterized by inverted terminal repeats (ITR) and several early (E) and late (L) genes. Adenovirus vectors (AdVs) are assembled with empty capsids, packaging proteins and the target gene. AdVs systems have high transduction efficiency in both quiescent and dividing cells, persistence in the targeted cells; broad tissue, and easy to scale-up production. Thus, AdVs are the most applied vectors for cancer gene therapy. Currently, AdV is updated to 3rd generation and “high-capacity” adenoviral vectors (HCAds). HCAds have lower immunogenicity, a longer transduction time window and more transgene cassettes/genes than those of early generation vectors.

The packaging process of adenovirus is shown in Figure 1:

Adenovirus Vectors Production Figure 1. Adenovirus Vectors Production.

The Specific Features of AdVs Include:

  • Safe to induce an immune response, a tool for vaccine development;
  • Suitable for dividing and non-dividing cells;
  • Capable of large gene (around 38 kb);
  • Non-integration, very low risk of insertion mutations;
  • Rapid expression;
  • High infection efficiency.

The Applications of AdVs Include:

  • Gene therapy: Gene overexpression, gene interference and gene editing. AdVs have been used to deliver therapeutic genes to cells to treat genetic disorders.
  • Vaccine vector: AdVs have been used as vectors for vaccine development, including COVID-19 vaccines;
  • Research tool: AdVs have been used as a tool to study gene function and regulation, as well as to develop animal models of human diseases.
  • Veterinary medicine: AdVs have been used to develop vaccines and treatments for animal diseases.

These are just a few examples of the many applications of AdVs.

Our Adenovirus Vectors Featured Services:

  • Adenovirus products: We offer a wide range of adenovirus products for different types of cells and aims such as suspension cells, autophagy, fluorescent probes and T cell specific adenovirus.
  • Adenovirus packaging service: Provide you with comprehensive adenovirus and chimeric adenovirus plasmid design, packaging and expression analysis services.
  • In vitro and in vivo testing: localization studies, infection rate, gene expression assessment, immunogenicity assessment, in vivo distribution, in vivo metabolism, off-target evaluation, toxicological evaluation, etc.

We are committed to providing you with excellent services and products. Please contact us if you have questions.

Quotations and Ordering

We would be glad to discuss your project in more detail with our support team if you would like more information.

Quotations and Ordering


  1. Greber UF, Suomalainen M.; Adenovirus entry: Stability, uncoating, and nuclear import. Mol Microbiol. 2022, 118(4):309-320.
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