Alpha Cyclodextrin Series

Alpha Cyclodextrins, cyclic oligosaccharides composed of glucose units, exhibit a unique molecular architecture that opens avenues for groundbreaking advancements in drug formulation and delivery. This series stands out for its exceptional ability to encapsulate a diverse range of pharmaceutical compounds, fostering improved solubility, stability, and bioavailability.

The intricacies of drug delivery are undergoing a transformative evolution with the Alpha Cyclodextrin Series, promising targeted and sustained release mechanisms. These innovations hold the key to overcoming longstanding challenges in administering poorly soluble drugs, ensuring optimal therapeutic efficacy while minimizing side effects.

To facilitate the use of this nanocarrier in drug delivery, CD Bioparticles offers the Alpha Cyclodextrin Series of products for drug delivery development research.

Alpha Cyclodextrin

Catalog: CDCDT02

MW: 972.84

Hydroxypropyl Alpha Cyclodextrin

Catalog: CDCDT03

MW: 972.9+n.(58.1)

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