Antimicrobial Coatings

Overview of Antimicrobial Coatings:

Medical devices are widely used in clinical treatment, and the problem of microbial infection has become more and more prominent, which seriously threatens people's health and life. It is estimated that implant-associated infections account for 50-70% of the nearly 2 million nosocomial infections every years in United states[1].

Antimicrobial coating is a surface coating containing antimicrobial active ingredients, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The coatings include drug releasing, contact killing, anti-fouling and other forms, which could make the surface of consumables have excellent antimicrobial adhesion, prevent infection, reduce tissue inflammation, and meet the clinical needs of medical devices (Figure 1).

Schematic diagram of the antimicrobial coatingFigure 1. Schematic diagram of the antimicrobial coating

Antimicrobial Coating Applications:

The antimicrobial coating is especially suitable for consumables that are prone to breeding bacteria, includes:

Antimicrobial coatings

Figure 2. Application examples that usually need antimicrobial coatings

In addition, there are applications on medical fabrics, equipment surfaces (such as touch screens), and even hospital operating rooms and department building surfaces.

Antimicrobial Coating Materials[2]:

  • Drug Releasing
    • Silver ions
    • Antibiotics
    • Antiseptics
    • Furanone
    • Nitric oxide
  • Contact killing
    • Chitosan (CTS)
    • Poly(Ethyleneimine) (PEI)
    • Polyquaternium
    • Graphene
    • etc...

Antimicrobial Coatings Services that CD Bioparticles Can Provide:

Antimicrobial coatings

Antimicrobial coatings

Figure 3. Effect comparison diagram between uncoated (left) and coated(right)

CD Bioparticles is a world-renowned trusted biotechnology company with a skilled team of scientists and years of experience. We are robust with polymer material synthesis and processing, as well as medical device applications. Please feel free to contact us and our experienced technicians will give you the most detailed answers to your questions.

1. VanEpps J. S. and Younger J. G. Implantable Device Related Infection. Shock. 2016, 46(6): 597-608.
2. IOLANDA F. et al., Antifouling and antimicrobial biomaterials: an overview. APMIS. 2017, 125 (4): 392-417.

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