Functional Biomatrixes

CD Bioparticles' products with deep understanding of the strategies and the applications of various of biomaterials with precise designs and advanced technical platforms can help you to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Limited options of Biomatrixes and low functionality of matrix product commercial available
  • Hard to control the mechanical modulus of the hydrogels to meet the requirements of cell culture from soft tissues to hard tissues.
  • Safety concerns due to immunogenicity arising from the source-donor species mismatch and the danger of potential carryover of animal-derived diseases
  • Tedious synthesis of chemical functionalization of the biomaterials
  • Limited options for 3D cell culture model development
  • Limited options of the efficient and biocompatible gelation strategies of the biomaterials
  • Hard to determine which specific matrix can be used to meet your needs


Functional Biomatrixes Key features:

Functional Biomatrixes Key benefits:

  • Wide coverage (bovine, human, pig, and rat sourced) of the functional Bioactive Matrixes
  • Wide coverage of the crosslinkable biomaterials for culturing different cell types
  • Precise mechanical properties control of the hydrogels
  • High content and high functionality Biomatrixes used for 2D coatings or 3D hydrogels
  • Stringent quality control to ensure lot-to-lot consistency and reproducibility
  • Safe, reliable, and high-performing properties
  • User-friendly packaging for use and storage
  • Ready-to-use Matrixes and coated plates in the sterile package

Functional Biomatrixes Application candidates:

  • 2D coatings or 3D hydrogels research
  • 2D or 3D cell culture and research system
  • Tissue-engineering applications
  • Cancer Research
  • Drug and protein delivery
  • Bone regeneration scaffolds
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