Collagen Coated Plates

Collagen-coated plates are A form of consumable utilised in a variety of biological and biomedical research applications. These plates normally consist of polystyrene or another type of plastic, and a layer of collagen has been placed to their surface.

The primary structural protein in the extracellular matrix of connective tissues in animals, including humans, is collagen. It encourages cell adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation while also offering mechanical support. Collagen is coated to the plates to simulate the extracellular matrix, which facilitates cell attachment and growth.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies collagen coated plates for research. Contact us to find out how collagen coated plates can help your work.

Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
Collagen Coated 48-well Plates CDAD03-3 Plate 5 Plates × 48-Multiwell Plate INQUIRY
Collagen Coated 6-well Plates CDAD03-1 Plate 5 Plates × 6-Multiwell Plate INQUIRY
Collagen Coated 96-well Plates CDAD03-2 Plate 5 Plates × 96-Multiwell Plate INQUIRY
Collagen Coated Dishes, 100 x 20 mm CDAD01 Dish 10 Dishes × (100 × 20 mm) Dish INQUIRY
Collagen Coated T-25 Flasks CDAD02 Flask 10 Flasks × T-25 Flask INQUIRY
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