Insoluble Collagens

Functional biomatrixes based on insoluble collagens are an exciting area of research in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Insoluble collagens, such as Type I collagen, form the foundation of these biomatrixes, providing a natural and biocompatible scaffold for cellular attachment and tissue regeneration. By incorporating bioactive molecules into the collagen matrix, functional biomatrixes can be tailored to promote specific cellular responses and enhance tissue regeneration. The bioactive molecules, which may include growth factors, cytokines, or extracellular matrix proteins, interact with the cells, directing their behavior and influencing their fate. This synergistic combination of insoluble collagens and bioactive molecules creates a microenvironment that closely mimics the native extracellular matrix, facilitating cell proliferation, migration, and differentiation. Functional biomatrixes based on insoluble collagens hold tremendous potential for a wide range of applications, including wound healing, bone and cartilage regeneration, and the development of tissue-engineered constructs for organ transplantation.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies insoluble collagens for functional biomatrixes research. Contact us to find out how insoluble collagens can help your work.

Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
Type I Bovine Collagen, Insoluble Fibrous Powder CDAD36 Lyophilized Fibrous Powder 1 g INQUIRY
Type I Bovine Collagen, Insoluble Fibrous Sheet CDAD35 Fibrous Sheet 5 g INQUIRY
Type I Collagen Sponge CDAD34 Sponge 5 Sponges, 25 Sponges INQUIRY
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