Photocrosslinkable Gelatin Kits

For scientists working in different domains, photocrosslinkable gelatin kits provide a flexible and convenient alternative. These kits include a unique gelatin formulation that is simple to work with and can be easily converted via light-induced crosslinking into three-dimensional structures. Users can design their own scaffolds, hydrogels, and other biomedical constructions with fine control over the crosslinking procedure for use in tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, and regenerative medicine applications. These kits' gelatin material is made from natural sources, making it biocompatible and appropriate for use in in vivo experiments. Due of the gelatin's photocrosslinkable properties, complex structures can be created more quickly and efficiently by polymerization. Additionally, the gelatin kits often come with a range of additives, including photo initiators and stabilizers, to enhance the crosslinking process and improve the mechanical properties of the resulting constructs. Overall, photocrosslinkable gelatin kits provide a convenient and effective solution for researchers seeking to explore the potential of gelatin-based materials in their scientific investigations.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies photocrosslinkable gelatin kits for research. Contact us to find out how photocrosslinkable gelatin kits can help your work.

Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
MA GEL CDAD47 Lyophilized Powder 2 × 500 mg INQUIRY
MA GEL with Irgacure Kit CDAD46 Lyophilized Powder 1 Kit INQUIRY
MA GEL with LAP Kit CDAD45 Lyophilized Powder 1 Kit INQUIRY
MA GEL with Ruthenium Kit CDAD44 Lyophilized Powder 1 Kit INQUIRY
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