Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
Degassed Water CDAD66 Solution 10 x 10 mL INQUIRY
ECM Select Kit CDAD65 Slide 1 Kit INQUIRY
Electrospun GEL CDAD64 Disc 5 Discs INQUIRY
Extracellular Matrix Coated 24-well Plates CDAD63 Plate 1 Plates × 24-Multiwell Plate INQUIRY
Fibronectin CDAD56 Lyophilized Powder 1 mg, 5 mg INQUIRY
Irgacure CDAD61 Lyophilized Powder 5 g INQUIRY
LAP CDAD60 Lyophilized Powder 500 mg INQUIRY
PBS Solution CDAD58 Solution 100 mL INQUIRY
Recombinant Vitronectin CDAD55 Lyophilized Powder 0.5 mg INQUIRY
Ruthenium CDAD62 Lyophilized Powder 1 Kit INQUIRY
Silk Fibroin CDAD57 Solution 20 mL INQUIRY
Tropoelastin CDAD54 Lyophilized Powder 1 mg INQUIRY
Vitronectin CDAD53 Lyophilized Powder 0.1 mg INQUIRY


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