By providing novel insights into cellular function and tissue regeneration, bioactive matrix reagents/assays have transformed biological and biochemical research. The extracellular matrix (ECM), which surrounds cells in living organisms, has a complex microenvironment that may be replicated using these cutting-edge techniques. Bioactive matrix reagents/assays allow for the controlled laboratory investigation of cell migration, signaling pathways, and tissue regeneration by simulating the physiological circumstances and characteristics of the ECM. Comprised of bioactive components such as adhesive proteins, electrospun GEL, and photoinitiator, these reagents provide crucial cues for cellular processes and facilitate interactions between cells and their surroundings. This technology has significantly advanced our understanding of cell biology, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. Moreover, it holds immense potential for the development of novel therapeutic strategies and medical interventions.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies bioactive matrix reagents/assays for research. Contact us to find out how bioactive matrix reagents/assays can help your work.

Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
Degassed Water CDAD66 Solution 10 x 10 mL INQUIRY
Fibronectin CDAD56 Lyophilized Powder 1 mg, 5 mg INQUIRY
Silk Fibroin CDAD57 Solution 20 mL INQUIRY
ECM Select Kit CDAD65 Slide 1 Kit INQUIRY
Electrospun GEL CDAD64 Disc 5 Discs INQUIRY
Extracellular Matrix Coated 24-well Plates CDAD63 Plate 1 Plates × 24-Multiwell Plate INQUIRY
Irgacure CDAD61 Lyophilized Powder 5 g INQUIRY
LAP CDAD60 Lyophilized Powder 500 mg INQUIRY
PBS Solution CDAD58 Solution 100 mL INQUIRY
Recombinant Vitronectin CDAD55 Lyophilized Powder 0.5 mg INQUIRY
Tropoelastin CDAD54 Lyophilized Powder 1 mg INQUIRY
Vitronectin CDAD53 Lyophilized Powder 0.1 mg INQUIRY
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