Bioactive Particles & Fillers Production

CD Bioparticles’ active-biomolecule-encapsulated nanoparticles/microparticles can help you to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Tedious biomolecules encapsulation/loading and characterization processes
  • Tedious synthesis and modification processes to improve targeting efficiency/specificity of the drug-loaded particles
  • Difficulties to find suitable carriers for the encapsulation of specific bioactive molecules and delivery routes
  • Difficulties for additional processing/formulation for your specific end-applications

Key Features

  • Antibiotic Particles
    • Antibiotic resins
    • Antibiotic peptide particles
    • Degradable antibiotic particles
    • Liposomal antibiotic particles
    • Antibiotic adhesive resins
    • Post-loadable resins and kits
  • Antifungal Particles
    • Antifungal resins
    • Antifungal peptide particles
    • Degradable antifungal particles
    • Liposomal antifungal particles
    • Antifungal adhesive resins
    • Post-loadable resins and kits
  • Anti-inflammatory Particles
    • Anti-inflammatory peptide particles
    • Anti-inflammatory, degradable particles
    • Liposomal anti-inflammatory particles
  • Growth Factor Encapsulated Particles
    • Growth factor encapsulated, degradable particles
    • Growth factor encapsulated liposomes
    • Growth factor encapsulated microgels
    • Stem cell encapsulated microgels
  • Cell/Tissue Targeting Nanoparticles/Microparticles
    • Unpolarized cell targeting particles
    • Polarized cell targeting particles
    • Immune cell targeting particles
    • Intestine targeting particles
    • Lung targeting particles

Key benefits:

  • Post-loadable options for customized loading quantity and preserving the activity of the biomolecules
  • Active surface modification of nanoparticles to improve cell/tissue specific delivery
  • Nanoparticles & granular particles with various of sizes (from nm to µm) easy for post-processing, such as blending, coating, extrusion & additive manufacturing
  • Ready-to-use additives for customized formulation

Possible Applications:

  • Additives/intermediates for the formulation of antibiotic/antifungal/anti-inflammatory coating, adhesives, ointments, pastes, creams, and solutions
  • Additives/intermediates for the formulation of tissue regeneration scaffolds
  • Bioactive molecules or nanoparticles needed to improve targeting efficiency and targeting specificity

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