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In the field of transfection, Biochemicals Tools mainly refer to substrates used for enzymatic color reactions. This substance is usually a substrate for certain enzymes. After cells are transfected to express the enzyme, these substrates can be added to produce a chromogenic product through enzymatic hydrolysis. This will facilitate later experimental observations. Commonly used substrates include luciferase substrate and b-galactosidase. To facilitate research in this field, CD Bioparticles provides relevant reagents for transfection and color development experiments.

Product Name Catalog Unit Size Price
Endotoxin-Free Luciferin Salts WHM-OB57 10 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg INQUIRY
D-Luciferin K+ Salts WHM-OB55 1 g INQUIRY
D-Luciferin Na+ Salts WHM-OB56 1 g INQUIRY
X Gal Substrate WHM-OB58 1 g INQUIRY
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