3D bioprinting is an emerging technology that prints scaffolds conducive to cell survival, proliferation, migration and differentiation. It is mainly used to fabricate functional tissue structures to replace damaged or diseased tissues, which can be widely used in research in biomedical fields such as tissue engineering, stem cells, oncology, and drug screening. Achieving bioprinting usually requires the use of Bioinks (a hydrogel form of one or several biological materials, often sealed into the target cells), so the ideal Bioink should have the mechanical, rheological and biological properties of the target tissue as well as rapid and stable cross-linking. CD Bioparticles can produce and supply Bioinks. Contact us to find out how Bioinks can help your work.

Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
GelMA GELMA1 White Lyophilized Powder INQUIRY
GelMA, Cell lysate GELMA3 INQUIRY
GelMA、Alginate GELMA2 Freeze-dried Powder INQUIRY
HAMA HAMA1 Freeze-dried Powder INQUIRY
Sacrificail substrate SSE5 Colorless Gel INQUIRY
Suppporting matrix SMX4 INQUIRY
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