Block Copolymer Micelles

CD Bioparticles' products with customized delivery strategies, precise designs and modifications of drugs or drug-contained cargos, and advanced technical platforms can help you to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Limited drug-loading efficiency and yield
  • Unpredictable or uncontrollable degradation rate of the drug-loading cargo
  • Uncontrollable drug delivery profile
  • Lack of cell-specific or tissue-specific targeting for nanomedicines
  • Lack of functional groups for further modification/conjugation/crosslinking
  • Tedious chemical synthesis and purifications

Block Copolymer Micelles Key Features

  • Triblock Copolymers
    • PEO-PPO-PEO and derivatives
    • PLGA-PEG-PLGA and derivatives: degradable
    • PCL-PEG-PCL and derivatives: degradable
    • PEI-PEG-PEI and derivatives: cationic
    • P(D,L)LA-PEG-P(D,L)LA and derivatives: degradable
    • P(L)LA-PEG-P(L)LA and derivatives: degradable
    • pGlu-PEG-pGlu and derivatives: ionic
    • pAsp-PEG-pAsp and derivatives: cationic
  • AB Diblock Copolymers
    • PLGA-PEG and derivatives
    • PCL-PEG and derivatives
    • P(D,L)LA-PEG and derivatives
    • PEI-PEG and derivatives
    • mPEG-PGlu and derivatives
    • Poly(L-Ornithine)-mPEG and derivatives
  • Reactive group modification
    • Amine active: -NHS
    • Carboxylate active: -(Di)hydrazide
    • Thiol active: -Maleimide, -Iodolacetyl (IA), -Pyridyl disulfides, -SH,
    • Click reaction active: -Azide, -Dibenzocycolctyne (DBCO), -Alkyne, -Methyltetrazine
    • Biotin modified
    • Folate modified
    • Redox active
    • Radical reaction active: -Acrylate, -Methacrylate, -Vinylsulfone

Block Copolymer Micelles Key Benefits:

  • A series of block copolymer for functional micelles fabrications
  • Degradable block copolymer with controllable degradation rate for sustainable release
  • Block copolymer assembled nanoparticles with controllable size and controllable core-shell ratio
  • Controllable nanostructure for the assembly
  • End-group functionalized block copolymers, useful for crosslinking and conjugation
  • Sol-gel transition with controllable transition temperature for the tri-block copolymers
  • Various of PEGylated hydrophobic polymer chain useful for forming "stealth" pegylated microparticles/nanoparticles
  • Cationic copolymers useful for gene delivery

Block Copolymer Micelles Application Candidates:

  • Biocompatible and biodegradable nanomaterials and bulk material fabrications
  • Drug-delivery cargos with controllable delivery profile
  • Hydrogels with sol-gel transition useful for reversible encapsulation and delivery
  • Active materials with various of ready-to-use bio-conjugation options
  • Functional materials with precisely controlled nano-domains
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