Ficolls are neutral, highly branched, high-quality, hydrophilic sucrose polymers that are readily soluble in aqueous solutions. Ficoll radii range from 2-7 nm. It is prepared by the reaction of polysaccharides with epichlorohydrin. Originally ficoll was used for concentration gradient separation in biological laboratories, mainly to separate blood from its components (erythrocytes, leukocytes, etc.). It was later found that its conjugation to a hapten can generate a strong antigen-specific primary immune memory. Therefore, it is used in the field of vaccine adjuvant development. For example, ficoll has been intensively studied as a carrier for CpG adjuvants, which has been shown in adjuvants to include size (a key determinant of delivery to the phagocytic system of macrophages), high water solubility, capacity for a variety of surface chemistries, and the expected advantages such as immunogenicity and toxicity and ease of lyophilization.

CD Bioparticles offers ficolls polymers for use in drug or vaccine discovery research. Contact us to find out how ficolls can help you in your work.

Ficoll-NH2, 100 NH2/polymer

Catalog: CDFD035

MW: 400 kDa

Ficoll-NH2, 150 NH2/polymer

Catalog: CDFD036

MW: 400 kDa

Ficoll-NH2, 300 NH2/polymer

Catalog: CDFD037

MW: 400 kDa

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