Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
16:0-20:4 PE-N-20:4 CDLP-A549 Chloroform 25 mg INQUIRY
18:1 PE-N-16:0 CDLP-A502 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
18:1 PE-N-18:1 CDLP-A503 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
18:1 PE-N-20:4 CDLP-A550 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
2-OG CDLP-A552 Oil 5 mg INQUIRY
arachidonic acid-d11 CDLP-A562 Ethanol 1 mg INQUIRY
C16:0 anandamide phosphate CDLP-A557 Powder 1 mg INQUIRY
C17:0 anandamide phosphate CDLP-A555 Powder 1 mg INQUIRY
C17:1 anandamide CDLP-A558 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
C18:1 anandamide CDLP-A551 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
C18:2 anandamide phosphate CDLP-A556 Chloroform 1 mg INQUIRY
C20:4 anandamide (AEA) CDLP-A561 Oil 5 mg INQUIRY
C20:4 anandamide phosphate CDLP-A554 Chloroform 1 mg INQUIRY
N-16:0 L-Serine CDLP-A566 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
N-16:0 L-Serine MeEster CDLP-A569 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
N-18:1 L-Serine CDLP-A559 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
N-18:1 L-Serine MeEster CDLP-A568 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
N-20:4 L-Serine (ARA-S) CDLP-A565 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
N-20:4 L-Serine MeEster CDLP-A567 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
NBD AA CDLP-A560 Chloroform 1 mg INQUIRY


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