Fluorescent PEG Lipids

Fluorescent PEG lipids are lipid molecules that have been modified to incorporate a fluorescent dye along with a PEG (polyethylene glycol) chain. These modified lipids are commonly used in various biomedical applications to label and trace biological molecules, cells, and tissues. By incorporating these fluorescent PEG lipids into liposomes, scientists can track their movement and behavior within cells or tissues. Fluorescent PEG lipids have also found use in drug delivery systems. The PEG chains provide improved solubility and protection from degradation while the fluorescent dye allows for visualization and tracking of the drug in vivo. These modified lipids are versatile and can be tailored to specific applications by changing the length and composition of the PEG chain, the fluorescent dye, and the lipid backbone. Overall, fluorescent PEG lipids are a valuable tool for studying biological processes and developing novel drug delivery systems.

CD Bioparticles’ services with customized delivery strategies, precise designs and modifications of drugs or drug-contained cargos, and advanced technical platforms can help you to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Hard to track and image the distribution of the lipids
  • Drugs in the body have a short cycle time and greater toxic side effects
  • The low concentration of the drug at the target site leads to poor efficacy and systemic toxicity
  • Non-active fluorescent lipids which cannot be conjugated with other molecules
  • Tedious chemical synthesis, formulation, and purifications

Key benefits:

  • The fluorescence properties of lipids can be used as tracers to visualize the biological distribution and pharmacokinetics
  • PEG components in lipids promote stability and biocompatibility of drug delivery systems
  • PEGylation can increase drug circulation time in the body by reducing clearance
  • Used for co-delivery of a variety of therapeutic drugs
  • Suitable for in vitro and in vivo experiments
  • Ready-to-use

Application candidates:

  • Monitoring the release of therapeutic agents from liposomes
  • To label and trace biomolecules, cells and tissues
  • To study pharmacokinetics and efficacy
  • To measure the interaction between lipids or other molecules
  • Allowing researchers to visualize at the molecular level and study the biophysical role of membranes
Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
18:0 PEG2000 PE CF CDLP-A1003 Powder or Chloroform 500 µg INQUIRY
18:1 NBD-PEG4 Lyso PE CDLP-A999 Chloroform 1 mg INQUIRY
DOPE PEG(2000)-N-Cy5 CDLP-A955 Chloroform 1 mg INQUIRY
DSPE PEG(2000)-N-Cy5 CDLP-A954 Chloroform 1 mg INQUIRY
DSPE PEG(2000)-N-Cy5.5 CDLP-A957 Chloroform 1 mg INQUIRY
DSPE PEG(2000)-N-Cy7 CDLP-A956 Chloroform 1 mg INQUIRY
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