Natural Cholesterol

Natural cholesterol refers to the cholesterol that is naturally produced by our bodies, primarily in the liver. Cholesterol is an essential molecule that plays various vital roles in our system. It is involved in the formation of cell membranes, the production of hormones, and the synthesis of vitamin D.

Natural cholesterol research aims to understand the intricacies of cholesterol metabolism and its impact on our health. Scientists study the mechanisms by which cholesterol is produced, transported, and regulated in the body by these studies. In addition,they investigate the factors that contribute to imbalances in cholesterol levels and the potential risks associated with high cholesterol, such as cardiovascular diseases.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies natural cholesterol for lipid system research. Contact us to find out how natural cholesterol can help your work.

Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
CHOL, Injection CDSNT66 0.5 g, 1 g, 5 g INQUIRY
cholesterol (plant) CDLP-A205 Powder 100 mg INQUIRY
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