Inverted Headgroups

This group of phospholipids is made by flipping the phosphocholine headgroup to create an opposite charge orientation compared to regular phosphocholine lipids. Inverted phosphocholine lipids have a positively charged quaternary amine close to the lipid bilayer and a negatively charged phosphate group that reaches into water. These inverted phosphocholine lipids have a negative surface charge across a wide range of pH. This flipping of the headgroup provides a special chance to research how it affects lipid bilayers physically and biologically. These lipids can also be utilized to create liposomes that are sensitive to biological factors.

CD Bioparticles takes pride in providing a range of inverted headgroups products that are vital for biological research and drug carrier development.

Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
DOCP CDLP-A943 Powder or Chloroform 100 mg INQUIRY
DOCPe CDLP-A944 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
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