Mixed-acyl glycerophospholipids

Mixed-acyl glycerophospholipids are a highly specialized subclass of phospholipids that possess a unique and intricate structural arrangement. At the molecular level, two distinct fatty acid chains, characterized by differences in length, saturation, and double bond content, are attached to a glycerol backbone in a configuration that confers significant biochemical versatility. This innate plasticity, in turn, endows mixed-acyl glycerophospholipids with a diverse range of physical properties, including their ability to modulate melting point and lipid bilayer formation.

In biological systems, mixed-acyl glycerophospholipids serve as critical constituents of cell membranes, where they play a central role in maintaining membrane fluidity and integrity. However, the complexity of these phospholipids extends far beyond their basic structural functions. Mixed-acyl glycerophospholipids also incorporate a polar head group that can manifest in various forms, such as choline, ethanolamine, serine, or inositol, thereby influencing the type of phospholipid formed, such as phosphatidylcholine or phosphatidylethanolamine. Therefore, it is also used in the study of constructing lipid systems for drug delivery.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies mixed-acyl glycerophospholipids for lipid system research. Contact us to find out how mixed-acyl glycerophospholipids can help your work.

Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
16:0-18:1(n10) PC-IsoPure CDLP-A781 Chloroform 10 mg INQUIRY
16:0-18:1(n7) PC-IsoPure CDLP-A782 Chloroform 10 mg INQUIRY
16:0-18:1(n9) PC-IsoPure CDLP-A780 Chloroform 25 mg INQUIRY
16:0-18:1(n9) PE-IsoPure CDLP-A773 Chloroform 10 mg INQUIRY
16:0-18:1(n9) PG-IsoPure CDLP-A771 Chloroform 10 mg INQUIRY
16:0-18:1(n9) PS-IsoPure CDLP-A774 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
16:0-20:4 PC-IsoPure CDLP-A769 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
18:1(n10)-16:0 PC-IsoPure CDLP-A778 Chloroform 10 mg INQUIRY
18:1(n7)-16:0 PC-IsoPure CDLP-A779 Chloroform 10 mg INQUIRY
18:1(n9)-16:0 PC-IsoPure CDLP-A777 Chloroform 25 mg INQUIRY
18:1(n9)-16:0 PE-IsoPure CDLP-A776 Chloroform 10 mg INQUIRY
18:1(n9)-16:0 PG-IsoPure CDLP-A772 Chloroform 10 mg INQUIRY
18:1(n9)-16:0 PS-IsoPure CDLP-A770 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
20:4-16:0 PC-IsoPure CDLP-A775 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
TopFluor-20:4 PC-IsoPure CDLP-A643 Chloroform 1 mg INQUIRY
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