PAF & PAF Analogs

Platelet-activating factor (PAF) stands as a lipidic cohort of chemical mediators that perform critical biological functions, both in human physiology and pathology, through an intricate interplay between a diverse range of cells, including but not limited to platelets, neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocytes, basophils, eosinophils, mast cells, and endothelial cells. The multifarious roles of PAF encompass a wide spectrum of physiological and pathological phenomena, including reproduction, memory, vascular tone, apoptosis, angiogenesis, inflammation, asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, renal diseases, cancer, HIV, and periodontitis. Excess levels of PAF have been linked to various pathologies and disorders, prompting the study of PAF inhibition as a possible therapeutic intervention for mitigating these conditions. Initially, PAF referred to a single phosphoglycerylether lipid containing between 16 and 18 carbons, but now encompasses a myriad of PAF-like molecules.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies PAF & PAF analogs for lipid system research. Contact us to find out how PAF & PAF analogs can help your work.

Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
14:0 NPS PC CDLP-A154 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
C16 Lyso PAF CDLP-A105 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
C16-02:0 PC CDLP-A111 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
C16-04:0 PC CDLP-A107 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
C16-18:1 PC CDLP-A109 Powder or Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
C16-18:1 PE CDLP-A05 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
C16-20:3 PC CDLP-A86 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
C16-20:4 PC CDLP-A110 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
C16-20:5 PC CDLP-A85 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
C16-22:6 PC CDLP-A09 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
C17 Lyso PAF CDLP-A112 Powder 10 mg INQUIRY
C17-02:0 PC CDLP-A151 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
C18 Lyso PAF CDLP-A88 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
C18-02:0 PC CDLP-A108 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
C18-04:0 PC CDLP-A106 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
C18:1 Lyso PAF CDLP-A06 Powder or Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
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