CD Bioparticles is a company that offers an extensive range of Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) and LPE products for research, each derived from varying organs or species to provide scientists with an array of raw material options for developing liposomes endowed with diverse functionalities. PE is a vital kind of glycerophospholipid present in eukaryotes. Its discovery traces back to the brain where it was first isolated, dubbed as "cephalin." Being the second most abundant phospholipid component in mammalian cell membranes, PE primarily dominates the inner mitochondrial membrane (accounting for nearly 40% of the total phospholipids) and the brain (representing around 45% of the total phospholipids), thus assuming a paramount role in membrane structure. Intriguingly, scientific investigations have found PE's multifaceted nature, encompassing pivotal roles in autophagy, cell division, and protein folding. It is even implicated in various protein modifications. The production of PE is facilitated via the decarboxylation of phosphatidylserine (PS) and the substitution of bases with PS. Additionally, lysophospholipids can also act as a precursor for PE, which is synthesized by acylation. Moving on to LPE (lysophosphatidylethanolamine), which is attained from partial hydrolysis of PE and consequent elimination of a fatty acid group. Even though LPE is a minor constituent of cell membranes, it participates in cell signaling and enzymatic activation.

Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
06:0 PE CDLP-A892 Powder or Chloroform 25 mg INQUIRY
08:0 PE CDLP-A893 Powder 10 mg INQUIRY
10:0 PE CDLP-A890 Powder or Chloroform 25 mg INQUIRY
12:0 PE CDLP-A894 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
13:0 Lyso PE CDLP-A917 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
14:0 Lyso PE CDLP-A910 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
14:0 PE CDLP-A865 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
15:0 PE CDLP-A887 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
16:0 Lyso PE CDLP-A918 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
16:0 PE CDLP-A888 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
16:0-18:1 PE CDLP-A934 Powder or Chloroform 25 mg INQUIRY
16:0-18:2 PE CDLP-A929 Chloroform 25 mg INQUIRY
16:0-20:4 PE CDLP-A925 Chloroform 25 mg INQUIRY
16:0-22:6 PE CDLP-A919 Chloroform 25 mg INQUIRY
16:1 PE CDLP-A901 Powder or Chloroform 25 mg INQUIRY
17:0 PE CDLP-A897 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
17:1 Lyso PE CDLP-A916 Chloroform 5 mg INQUIRY
18:0 Lyso PE CDLP-A915 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
18:0 PE CDLP-A885 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
18:0-18:1 PE CDLP-A926 Powder 25 mg INQUIRY
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