Photoswitchable Lipids

Photoswitchable of lipids is a new tool to accurately control and study lipid function. They can regulate many aspects of membrane biophysics, including permeability, fluidity, lipid fluidity, and domain formation. They are also very useful in lipid physiology and are capable of optically controlling a wide range of lipid receptors, such as ion channels, G-protein-coupled receptors, nuclear hormone receptors, and translocation-to-membrane enzymes. Enzymes involved in lipid metabolism usually process them in a light-dependent manner. Synthetic photolipids rely almost entirely on azobenzene photoswitches, and these lipophilic molecules can be rapidly converted between more linear and more curved forms by photochemical isomerization of N= N double bonds. Photoswitched lipids complement other functionalized lipids widely used in lipid chemical biology, including isotopically labeled lipids (lipids), fluorescent lipids (imaging), bifunctional lipids (lipoprotein crosslinking), forecasted lipids (pharmacology), and other labeled variants.

CD Bioparticles' services with customized delivery strategies, precise designs and modifications of drugs or drug-contained cargos, and advanced technical platforms can help you to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Lipids delivery models are unstable of thermodynamics in vivo studies
  • Non-lipophilic drugs have difficulty passing through cell membranes
  • It is difficult to regulate the release of drugs at targeted cells
  • The lipid metabolism pathway of various regulatory factors is not clear
  • Tedious liposome formulation, purifications, and production

Key features:

Key benefits:

  • Precise control of drug entry into target cells
  • Increase the stability and solubility of the drugs contained
  • Reduce the toxicity and side effects of drugs and improve their efficacy
  • Simple operation, selective, low cost
  • Suitable for in vivo experiments
  • Ready-to-use

Application candidates:

  • Regulating biophysical properties of biofilms
  • Optical control of a wide array of lipid receptors, such as ion channels, G protein-coupled receptors
  • Study on fluorescence lipid imaging techniques
  • Study on bifunctional lipids (lipid–protein crosslinking)
  • Study on isotope-labeled lipids (lipidomics)
Product Name Catalog Form Unit Size Price
18:0-azo PC CDLP-A218 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
18:0-PhoDAG CDLP-A220 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
ACe-1 CDLP-A219 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
Azo Lyso PA CDLP-A215 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
Azo SM CDLP-A216 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
Trans-AzCA4 CDLP-A217 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY
Trans-FAAzo-4 CDLP-A156 Powder 5 mg INQUIRY


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