Polymerizable Lipids

Lipids can be stereo-stabilized by wrapping PEG groups, a strategy that significantly increases liposome retention in the body by masking it from the liver and immune system. However, PEG surface coatings can also interfere with the directed release of the package. A potentially powerful strategy is to target a masked liposome to a specific location in the body (for example, on a tumor), which then triggers an increase in membrane permeability, leading to local release of the cargo. Polymerizable lipids are increasingly used as biomarkers and targeting agents, coatings for sensors and biocompatible materials, nanoscale bioreactors, and separation media. Due to their enhanced stability, functionalized poly (lipid) materials have also been created and used in these applications.

CD Bioparticles' services with customized delivery strategies, precise designs and modifications of drugs or drug-contained cargos, and advanced technical platforms can help you to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Lipids delivery models are unstable of thermodynamics in vitro or in vivo studies
  • Chemotherapy can have severe toxic side effects on normal cells and tissues
  • The concentration of the drug at the tumor site is low
  • The slow release of drugs causes the body's cells to develop resistance
  • The lipid metabolism pathway of various regulatory factors is not clear
  • Some cancers are difficult to treat directly with chemicals
  • Tedious liposome formulation, purifications, and production

Key features:

Key benefits:

  • Prolong the time the drug circulates through the body
  • Increase the stability and solubility of the drugs contained
  • Reduce the toxicity and side effects of drugs and improve their efficacy
  • Simple operation, selective, low cost
  • Suitable for in vitro and in vivo experiments
  • Ready-to-use

Application candidates:

  • Participate in qualitative and quantitative tests as a biological colorimetric sensor
  • To deliver antitumor drugs
  • Develop techniques for the determination of biological matter and biological activity
  • Rapid screening of enzyme inhibitors
  • Used to synthesize and characterize new polymerizable lipids
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