13ane(N4) Derivatives

Tetraazacyclohexane derivatives, sometimes referred to as 13ane(N4) derivatives, are a group of chemical substances with a core cyclic structure made up of four nitrogen atoms. Due to their distinctive features and wide range of uses, these derivatives have drawn considerable interest from researchers in a number of scientific fields, including chemistry and materials science. These compounds display significant coordination abilities due to the four nitrogen atoms present, which makes them excellent ligands for metal complexes. These derivatives function admirably as chelating agents, allowing stable coordination complexes with transition metals to be formed. A platform for the design and synthesis of novel materials with specialized features, such improved catalytic activity or magnetic behavior, is also made possible by the rigid and symmetric structure of these materials. In disciplines like coordination chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, and supramolecular chemistry, where they are used in anything from drug delivery systems to catalysis and sensors, 13ane(N4) derivatives are extremely useful due to their flexibility. New derivatives are continually being discovered in this area of study, and their application in various cutting-edge technologies is being investigated.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies 13ane(N4) derivatives for research. Contact us to find out how 13ane(N4) derivatives can help your work.


Catalog: CDCM032

MW: 395.09

CAS No.: 1226971-10-3


Catalog: CDCM028

MW: 418.44

CAS No.: 60239-20-5


Catalog: CDCM026

MW: 478.25

CAS No.: 1020253-67-1


Catalog: CDCM025

MW: 438.36

CAS No.: 1301738-72-6

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