DTPA Derivatives

Derivatives of diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA), a substance well-known for its chelating characteristics, are modified forms of DTPA. Due to their distinctive qualities and possible uses, these derivatives have attracted a lot of attention in the field of medication delivery.

When it comes to getting medications targeting in the body, DTPA derivatives have a number of benefits. Researchers can improve the DTPA molecule's characteristics and modify it specifically to fit different drug delivery methods. The solubility, stability, and compatibility with biological systems can all be improved by these adjustments.

The capacity of DTPA derivatives to bind to metal ions and form stable complexes is one of its important characteristics. This feature enables the development of focused drug delivery systems. Researchers can create complexes that selectively bind to particular receptors or target areas in the body by conjugating DTPA derivatives with therapeutic substances, such as proteins or small compounds. This focused strategy increases the effectiveness of medicine administration and lowers the likelihood of side effects. Furthermore, DTPA derivatives can be created to have properties that are advantageous for drug delivery. For instance, adjustments can be made to the medicine's release profile to optimize it and guarantee regulated and prolonged drug delivery. These changes can lessen any negative effects by increasing the drug's compatibility with biological systems.

In addition to their role in drug delivery, DTPA derivatives have shown promise in the field of medical imaging. By attaching contrast agents or radiometals to DTPA derivatives, researchers can develop imaging probes that enable accurate visualization of specific tissues, organs, or disease sites.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies DTPA derivatives for research. Contact us to find out how DTPA derivatives can help your work.


Catalog: CDCM054

MW: 393.35

CAS No.: 67-43-6


Catalog: CDCM066

MW: 629.49

DTPA-bis anhydride

Catalog: CDCM055

MW: 357.32

CAS No.: 23911-26-4


Catalog: CDP23-0872


Catalog: CDCM056

MW: 617.77

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