Macrocycles are large cyclic molecules composed of several repeating units, containing 10 or more atoms. These molecules have gained significant attention due to their remarkable properties in various scientific fields. One crucial application of macrocycles lies in their role as chelating agents.

Chelating agents are compounds that possess multiple coordinating atoms capable of forming stable coordination complexes with metal ions. Macrocyclic chelating agents offer distinct advantages over smaller chelators. Their size and rigidity enable the encapsulation of metal ions within their cavities, ensuring enhanced stability. Moreover, macrocycles can be tailored to exhibit high selectivity towards specific metal ions, owing to their size, shape, and functional groups. The stability of the resulting metal complexes is increased due to the large size and structural rigidity of macrocycles. Additionally, many macrocyclic chelators are water-soluble, making them suitable for biological applications.

Common examples of macrocyclic chelating agents include cyclen, porphyrins, crown ethers, and cryptands. These compounds find application in catalysis, sensing, drug delivery, and medical imaging.

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Catalog: CDCM024

MW: 186.30

CAS No.: 295-14-7


Catalog: CDCM050

MW: 174.24

CAS No.: 294-92-8

Cross-bridged-Cyclam (CB-Cyclam)

Catalog: CDCM051

MW: 226.36

CAS No.: 130701-19-8


Catalog: CDCM001

MW: 200.32

CAS No.: 295-37-4


Catalog: CDCM002

MW: 172.27

CAS No.: 294-90-6


Catalog: CDCM045

MW: 171.28

CAS No.: 294-80-4


Catalog: CDCM038

MW: 129.13

CAS No.: 4730-54-5


Catalog: CDCM039

MW: 238.59

CAS No.: 58966-93-1

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