NOTA Derivatives

Due to its special characteristics, NOTA (1,4,7-triazacyclononane-N,N',N''-triacetic acid) derivatives are a class of chemical substances that are frequently used in a variety of applications. These compounds come from NOTA, a cyclic molecule made up of three carboxylic acid groups and a triazine core.

In the area of medical imaging, NOTA derivatives are widely used. Scientists can produce imaging agents known as radiopharmaceuticals by adding radioactive isotopes to NOTA derivatives. These radiopharmaceuticals make it possible to precisely visualize particular organs or bodily tissues, which helps with the detection and management of a number of disorders, including cancer.

The use of NOTA derivatives in coordination chemistry and catalysis is another significant application. They are useful in creating catalysts for chemical reactions due to their capacity to form stable complexes with metal ions. These derivatives can speed up reactions and increase selectivity, making it possible for chemical and pharmaceutical businesses to synthesize materials more effectively.

Additionally, the possibility of NOTA derivatives as targeted drug delivery systems has been investigated. Researchers hope to increase pharmacological efficacy and decrease off-target effects by conjugating medicinal molecules to these derivatives, resulting in more efficient and secure therapies.


Catalog: CDCM060

MW: 685.43

CAS No.: 1295584-83-6


Catalog: CDCM057

MW: 732.44

CAS No.: 1407166-70-4


Catalog: CDCM065

MW: 415.52

CAS No.: 1161415-28-6

NOTA-NHS ester

Catalog: CDCM059

MW: 660.38


Catalog: CDCM048

MW: 543.69

CAS No.: 1252799-47-5


Catalog: CDCM058

MW: 757.21


Catalog: CDCM062

MW: 521.59


Catalog: CDCM061

MW: 452.59

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