Phosphinic Derivatives

Phosphinic derivatives are substances with the generic formula RPH(O)H, where R denotes an organic substituent, and an atom of phosphorus bound to an organic group and a hydrogen atom. These derivatives are distinguished by the presence of a phosphorus atom with a single oxygen atom and a hydrogen atom linked to it.

Phosphinic derivatives are extensively utilized in a variety of disciplines, including materials science, pharmaceutical chemistry, and chemical synthesis. They have special qualities that make them useful building blocks for creating a variety of chemical compounds. In coordination chemistry, the phosphinic group can function as a ligand to create complexes with transition metals. These compounds frequently have fascinating catalytic characteristics.

In medicinal chemistry, phosphinic derivatives have been extensively studied as enzyme inhibitors, particularly for protease enzymes. For example, phosphinic acid-based inhibitors are widely used as HIV protease inhibitors due to their ability to mimic the transition state of the enzyme-catalyzed reaction. Additionally, phosphinic acids have been investigated as potential inhibitors for other enzymes, such as metalloproteinases and dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4).

In the field of materials science, phosphinic derivatives have been utilized for the synthesis of various phosphorus-containing polymers, resins, and flame retardants. These compounds can impart desired properties, such as improved thermal stability and fire resistance, to the materials in which they are incorporated.

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Catalog: CDCM080

MW: 495.34

CAS No.: 1397275-76-1


Catalog: CDCM079

MW: 579.41

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