TACN Derivatives

Derivatives of 1,4,7-triazacyclononane (TACN) are a class of chemical compounds that have received a lot of attention in both academic and practical contexts. The basic building block for the synthesis of many derivatives is the cyclic amine molecule TACN.

Unique structural traits of TACN derivatives include their capacity to create stable complexes with metal ions. They are extremely valuable in material science, coordination chemistry, and catalysis because of their feature. Because of their excellent stability and selectivity, the coordination complexes created by TACN derivatives are perfect for catalyzing reactions like the production of carbon-carbon bonds, the capture of carbon dioxide, and polymerization processes.

Additionally, TACN derivatives have shown promise in the field of medicinal chemistry, particularly in the development of metal-based drugs for cancer treatment. By binding to metal ions, these derivatives facilitate targeted delivery of therapeutic agents to cancer cells, thereby enhancing treatment efficacy while minimizing adverse effects.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies TACN derivatives for research. Contact us to find out how TACN derivatives can help your work.


Catalog: CDCM046

MW: 329.44

CAS No.: 174138-01-3


Catalog: CDCM034

MW: 219.33

CAS No.: 174912-95-9


Catalog: CDCM033

MW: 357.49

CAS No.: 174137-97-4


Catalog: CDCM047

MW: 303.31

CAS No.: 56491-86-2


Catalog: CDCM042

MW: 300.36

CAS No.: 180297-76-1

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