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This Cookie Policy explains how CD Bioparticles (“company”, “we”, “us”, and “our”) uses cookies and similar technologies to recognize you when you visit our website at . It explains these technologies, why we use them, and your rights to control their usage.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files, containing small amounts of information, which are downloaded to your browsing device (such as, but not limited to a computer, tablet or smartphone) when you visit our site. Cookies are currently the best way to effectively identify unique website visitors and understand how they navigate our services. We use such cookies to ensure that the website can be used as intended by us.

Why do we use cookies?

CD Bioparticles uses cookies set by us or other companies for tracking purposes or to make our services easier to use and tailored for individual users. We use the information collected in cookies to offer the best experience and to serve you the most relevant information, such as price and stock availability for your country.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies do lots of different jobs, like helping us understand how our website is being used, letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences and generally improving your browsing experience. Cookies can also help ensure marketing you see online is more relevant to you and your interests.

  • Save preferences, including language and location.
  • Store settings for optimal display, such as buffer size and monitor resolution.
  • Access your browser settings to ensure our website displays optimally on your monitor.
  • Identify and prevent abuse of our website and services, for instance, by tracking the number of consecutive failed login attempts.
  • Distribute website load effectively to maintain site availability.
  • Enable you to respond on our website at your convenience.

What types of cookies are used by CD Bioparticles?

The types of cookies used on our site can generally be put into one of the following categories and purposes: analytics; functionality; advertising; and social media. You can find out more about each of the cookie categories in the table below.

Analytics cookies: These cookies help analyze how users interact with the website, which pages are most visited, and if any errors occur. The data collected is used to improve the performance and user experience of the website. These cookies help us understand how visitors engage with our services through collection of usage statistics. Examples of the types of data collected include IP addresses, referral pages, date and time of service access, and service visited. These cookies provide us with analytical information about how our site is performing and how we can improve it.

Functionality cookies: These cookies allow our services to remember information that changes the way the service behaves or looks, such as your preferred language or the region you are in. These cookies can also assist you in changing text size, font, and other parts of web pages that you can personalize. Without these cookies, our services cannot function properly.

Advertising cookies: These cookies track the user's browsing behavior and are used to deliver targeted advertisements or personalized content based on the user's interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. This means after you have been to our site you may see some advertisements about our services elsewhere on the internet.

Security and authentication cookies: These cookies are used to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials, and protect user data from unauthorized parties. Without these cookies, certain services features cannot function properly.

How long will cookies stay on my browsing device?

The length of time a cookie will stay on your browsing device depends on whether it is a "persistent" or "session" cookie. Session cookies will only stay on your device until you stop browsing. Persistent cookies stay on your browsing device after you have finished browsing until they expire or are deleted.

First and third-party cookies

"First party cookies" are cookies that belong to us and that we place on your device. "Third-party cookies" are cookies that another party places on your browsing device when you visit our site. Third parties setting cookies from our website will be providing a service to us or a function of the site but we do not always control how third-party cookies are used. For more information about how they use cookies, please refer to the third party's website.

How to manage cookies from this site

Cookies offer enhanced functionality to the user, but whether you allow a cookie to be placed on your device is up to you. You can withdraw or modify your consent to our use of cookies at any time. If you wish to do so, you can usually use the browser that you are viewing this site through to define the conditions of storing or gaining access to cookies and in particular to enable, disable or delete cookies. To do this, please follow the instructions provided by your browser (usually located within the "Help", "Tools" or "Edit" settings). Please note that if you set your browser to disable cookies, you may not be able to access secure areas of the site and other parts of the site may also not work properly.

Cookies used by CD Bioparticles

The following tables and information set out the cookies which are most frequently used on our site. It also provides details of third parties that set cookies through our site.

Analytics cookies

Cookie provider First or third party cookie Persistent or session cookie Purpose cookie is used for
Google analytics Third party Persistent Tracking anonymous user behavior and website analytics
Bing analytics Third party Persistent Tracking anonymous user behavior and website analytics
DoubleClick Third party Session Tracking anonymous user behavior and website analytics

Functionality cookies

Cookie provider First or third party cookie Persistent or session cookie Purpose cookie is used for
Zendesk chat Third party Session We use Zendesk as our Live Chat service, these cookies allow us to communicate with you via Live Chat.

Advertising cookies

Cookie Provider First or third party cookie Persistent or session cookie Purpose cookie is used for
Google Tag manager Third party Persistent Collects data on visitor behavior in order to present more relevant advertisement.
Facebook Third party Persistent Facebook tracking pixel used to identify visitors for personalized advertising.
Linkedin Ad analytics Third party Persistent Used to optimize the range of advertising on Linkedin.
Adroll shared Third party Persistent Used to optimize the range of advertising on social media.

Social media cookies

Cookie provider First or third party cookie Persistent or session cookie Purpose cookie is used for
Linkedin Ad analytics Third party Persistent Cookie used for Sign-in with Linkedin and/or for Linkedin follow feature on 3rd party websites.


Information about the cookies used by us may be updated from time to time, so please check back on a regular basis for any changes. New cookies may be added to the tables above.

The last modification date of this document on 01 February 2024.

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