2d-Phosphoric Acids COFs Linkers

2D-phosphoric acids COFs (covalent organic frameworks) linkers have emerged as promising materials in the realm of drug delivery, revolutionizing therapeutic strategies. These linkers, with their unique two-dimensional structure and phosphoric acid functional groups, exhibit exceptional chemical stability and tunable properties, making them ideal candidates for encapsulating and transporting therapeutic agents. The intricate design of COFs allows for precise control over drug release kinetics, ensuring targeted and sustained delivery to specific tissues or cells. Their biocompatibility and ability to interact with various drugs make them versatile tools in pharmaceutical research. As we delve into the realm of drug delivery, 2D-phosphoric acids COFs linkers stand at the forefront, offering a bridge between innovative materials science and the evolving landscape of medical treatments, holding the promise of more effective and tailored therapeutic interventions.


Catalog: CDM-CH717

MW: 142.10944

CAS No.: 636-32-8

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