3d-Phosphoric Acids COFs Linkers

In the realm of drug delivery, 3D-phosphoric acids COFs linkers have emerged as promising entities with profound potential. Coordination polymers known as covalent organic frameworks (COFs) featuring 3D phosphoric acid linkers offer a unique structural advantage for drug delivery applications. These sophisticated materials possess a crystalline and porous architecture, enabling precise control over drug encapsulation and release kinetics. The three-dimensional nature of phosphoric acid COF linkers enhances the overall stability of the framework, ensuring sustained and targeted drug delivery. This innovative approach not only provides a robust carrier system for therapeutic agents but also allows for tailored adjustments in the COF structure to optimize drug loading capacity and release profiles. The exploration of 3D-phosphoric acids COFs as drug delivery vehicles marks a significant stride in advancing pharmaceutical sciences, promising improved efficacy and minimized side effects in the treatment of various medical conditions.


Catalog: CDM-CH719

MW: 326.30016

CAS No.: 4877-80-9

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