Hybrid COFs Linkers

Hybrid covalent organic frameworks (COFs) linkers have emerged as promising materials in the realm of drug delivery, offering unique properties that enhance therapeutic efficacy. These linkers, characterized by their intricate combination of organic and inorganic components, provide a versatile platform for designing drug delivery systems with improved stability and controlled release kinetics. By carefully tailoring the structure of these hybrid COF linkers, researchers can achieve a fine-tuned balance between biocompatibility and drug-loading capacity. The inherent porosity of COFs facilitates the encapsulation and sustained release of therapeutic agents, ensuring targeted and prolonged delivery to specific tissues or cells. This innovative approach holds great potential for addressing challenges in drug delivery, such as minimizing side effects and optimizing therapeutic outcomes. As research in this field progresses, hybrid COFs linkers stand out as a promising avenue for advancing the next generation of drug delivery systems with enhanced precision and efficiency.

1,6-bis (4-formylphenyl)-3,8-bis (4-aminophenyl)pyrene

Catalog: CDM-CH918

MW: 592.68392

CAS No.: 2375652-84-7


Catalog: CDM-CH920

MW: 508.475

CAS No.: 2036328-15-9

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