Multi-Amine COFs Linkers

COFs are crystalline porous networks formed by organic linkers through reversible covalent bonds. The linker size, symmetry, and connectivity in the synthesis of COFs predefine the geometry of the resulting framework. Among them, the condensation of aldehydes and amines to generate imine bonds is also one of the important linkers for the synthesis of COFs. Compared to boronic esters, they exhibit significantly higher stability, thus making the resulting imine-linked COFs useful for a wider range of applications. Imine COFs differ significantly from borate COFs in their higher stability to moisture. Although this stability also depends on the bound linker, it, together with the large library of available aldehyde and amine linkers and the possibility to construct conjugated π systems throughout the COF sheet, make imine bonds a very popular linking motif in COFs. Imine formation is by far the most common synthetic strategy used to construct COFs. By using multi-amine COFs linkers to synthesize COFs, various complex types of topologically structured COFs can be obtained to meet different functional requirements.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies multi-amine COFs linkers for COF synthesis. Contact us to find out how the multi-amine COFs linkers can help your work.

1,3,6,8-Tetrakis (4-aminophenyl)pyrene

Catalog: CDM-CH1385

MW: 566.693

CAS No.: 1610471-69-6


Catalog: CDM-CH1071

MW: 537.14136

CAS No.: 1350518-27-2


Catalog: CDM-CH1397

MW: 299.36908

CAS No.: 58519-06-5


Catalog: CDM-CH1394

MW: 429.4263

CAS No.: 209112-55-0


Catalog: CDM-CH1403

MW: 354.40782

CAS No.: 14544-47-9

(methanetetrayltetrakis (benzene-4,1-diyl))tetrakis (aminomethaniminium)

Catalog: CDM-CH1389

MW: 492.61798

CAS No.: 2205867-69-0

1,2,4,5-Benzenetetramine Tetrahydrochloride

Catalog: CDM-CH1069

MW: 284.01416

CAS No.: 4506-66-5

1,3,5-benzenetrimethanamine, hydrochloride (1: 3)

Catalog: CDM-CH1391

MW: 274.61832

CAS No.: 69146-57-2

1,3,5-tris[4-amino (1,1-biphenyl-4-yl)]benzene

Catalog: CDM-CH1401

MW: 579.73152

CAS No.: 1400987-00-9


Catalog: CDM-CH1398

MW: 399.44184

CAS No.: 102852-92-6


Catalog: CDM-CH1381

MW: 168.15332

CAS No.: 1128-13-8


Catalog: CDM-CH1383

MW: 344.413002967834

CAS No.: 58519-07-6


Catalog: CDM-CH1380

MW: 244.24928

CAS No.: 34294-67-2


Catalog: CDM-CH1395

MW: 299.36908

CAS No.: 58519-05-4

4,4',4'',4'''-([2,2'-bi (1,3-dithiolylidene)]-4,4',5,5'-tetrayl)tetraaniline

Catalog: CDM-CH1382

MW: 568.79836

CAS No.: 2413296-69-0


Catalog: CDM-CH1404

MW: 423.50784

CAS No.: 326002-91-9

4-[3,5-Bis[4-amino-3,5-di (propan-2-yl)phenyl]phenyl]-2,6-di (propan-2-yl)aniline

Catalog: CDM-CH1399

MW: 603.922091245651

CAS No.: 1800490-20-3

5,10,15,20-Tetrakis (4-aminophenyl)-21H,23H-porphine

Catalog: CDM-CH601

MW: 674.79436

CAS No.: 22112-84-1

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