Multi-Phosphoric Acids COFs Linkers

Multi-Phosphoric Acids COFs Linkers represent a groundbreaking class of materials in the field of covalent organic frameworks (COFs). These unique linkers are designed to enhance the structural diversity and properties of COFs by incorporating multiple phosphoric acid functional groups. Phosphoric acid is well-known for its robust acidity and versatile reactivity, making it an ideal candidate for the construction of COF linkers. The incorporation of multiple phosphoric acid groups within a single linker molecule allows for precise control over the COF's structure and properties, including tunable porosity, high thermal stability, and excellent chemical resistance.


Catalog: CDM-CH1070

MW: 456.40044

CAS No.: 1246204-19-2

Tetrakis (3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)ethene

Catalog: CDM-CH1183

MW: 460.4322

CAS No.: 2248462-00-0

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