Diazo Biotin Cleavable Linkers

Diazo Biotin Cleavable Linkers are biotinizing reagents that contain an extended PEG spacer group and a terminal primary amine group. Azides can be chemically coupled to propyl, DBCO, BCN, and other labeled molecules by click-binding to form stable triazole bonds. Extended PEG spacers increase the water solubility of the printed contents and help reduce steric hindrance in binding to streptavidin and other proteins. After the alkylating protein is trapped on the Streptavidin beads, only the drug-binding protein is released. The mild elution conditions ensure that any endogenous biotin or other non-specific cell material remains on the Streptavidin beads. Diazo Biotin Cleavable Linkers have been used in chemical proteomics studies.

Diazo Biotin-PEG3-azide

Catalog: CDAX083

MW: 711.84

Diazo Biotin-PEG3-alkyne

Catalog: CDAX084

MW: 795.95

Diazo Biotin-PEG3-DBCO

Catalog: CDAX082

MW: 973.16

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