Fluorescent Monodispersed Linear PEGs

PEG polymers are synthetic, hydrophilic, biocompatible polymers widely used in biomedical and other applications. PEGs are water-soluble, non-toxic, FDA-approved, generally not immunogenic, and are frequently used in many biomedical applications, including bioconjugation, drug delivery, surface functionalization, and tissue engineering. Among them, monodisperse in monodispersed linear PEGs refers to the homogeneous nature of a certain parameter of the substance, while linear PEG is a common form used for PEGylation, bioconjugation and crosslinking. Monodispersed Linear PEGs are generally organic compounds with molecular weights less than 1500. Monodispersed Linear PEGs do not possess the polydispersity of general PEG polymers while retaining the good solubility of polyethylene glycol in water. It can also confer flexibility, anticoagulation, anti-phagocytosis of macrophages, etc. to the modified biomolecules. Therefore, Monodispersed Linear PEGs provide an excellent drug carrier. Monodisperse PEGs have found applications in many fields, including medical research, drug delivery, nanotechnology, and more. They have become very beneficial in drug design and development, especially in antibody-drug conjugates and small molecule drugs. Furthermore, fluorophore-containing fluorescent polymer nanocarriers are favored in bioimaging and drug delivery due to their visual properties. Fluorescently labeled monodispersed linear PEGs as drug delivery vehicles are very beneficial for follow-up tracking and observational studies.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies 6-FAM, Acetyl, Acid, Alkyne, Amine, Azide, BDP-FL, Biotin, Chlorocyclohexenyl, Cy3, Cy5, Cy7, Dibenzocycolctyne (DBCO), Fluorescein, Hydroxy, Maleimide, Methyl, Methyltetrazine, NHS, Rhodamine Green, TAMRA, Tetrazine, Trans-Cyclooctene (TCO) and Rhodamine B labeled monodispersed linear PEGs. Contact us to find out how fluorescent monodispersed linear PEGs can help you in your work.


Catalog: CDPB-04801

PEG MW: 1087.8 g/mol


Catalog: CDN1368

BDP FL-PEG4-Amine TFA salt

Catalog: CDPB-04820

PEG MW: 510.4 g/mol


Catalog: CDPB-04823

PEG MW: 662.6 g/mol


Catalog: CDPB-04821

PEG MW: 580.4 g/mol

BDP FL-PEG5-Propargyl

Catalog: CDPB-04822

PEG MW: 549.4 g/mol


Catalog: CDPB-04787

PEG MW: 741.4 g/mol


Catalog: CDPB-04772

PEG MW: 887.5 g/mol


Catalog: CDPB-04777

PEG MW: 1081.7 g/mol


Catalog: CDPB-04819

PEG MW: 1073.1 g/mol

Carboxyrhodamine 110-PEG3-Azide

Catalog: CDPB-04825

PEG MW: 574.6 g/mol

Carboxyrhodamine 110-PEG4-ALK

Catalog: CDPB-04824

PEG MW: 587.6 g/mol

Carboxyrhodamine 110PEG4-DBCO

Catalog: CDPB-04720

PEG MW: 880.0 g/mol


Catalog: CDPB-04788

PEG MW: 719.4 g/mol


Catalog: CDPB-04763

PEG MW: 766.4 g/mol

Cy5-PEG5-Amine HCl salt

Catalog: CDPB-04785

PEG MW: 817.9 g/mol


Catalog: CDPB-04789

PEG MW: 807.5 g/mol


Catalog: CDPB-04764

PEG MW: 854.5 g/mol

Cy5-PEG6-NHS ester

Catalog: CDPB-04774

PEG MW: 951.6 g/mol


Catalog: CDPB-04814

PEG MW: 563.6 g/mol

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