Fluorescent Polymers

CD Bioparticles’ products with deep understanding of the strategies and the applications of various of delivery cargos with precise designs and advanced technical platforms can help you to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Hard to track and image the distribution of the polymer based (nano-)materials
  • Limited wavelength coverage for your tracking and detection experiments
  • Issue of quenching or fluorescence compensation
  • Non-active fluorescent polymers which cannot be conjugated with other molecules
  • Tedious chemical synthesis, formulation, and purifications

Fluorescent Polymers Key Features

Fluorescent Polymers Key Benefits:

  • Multi-functional groups for further-modifications and labeling purpose
  • Wide coverage of the fluorophores and the wide coverage of the molecular weight of the polymers
  • Consistent reaction efficiency of the functionalized fluorescent polymers
  • Precise control of the fluorophore substitution, well-control of the intensity-concentration dependence

Fluorescent Polymers Application Candidates:

  • Fluorescent nanoparticle/scaffold/hydrogel preparation
  • Tracking and detection of cell uptake (e.g. macrophage)
  • Able to conjugate with biomolecules for cell-specific and tissue-specific targeting, tracking, and detecting
  • PK/PD analysis
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