Fluorescent Triblock Copolymers

Triblock Copolymers are copolymers made up of three block chains that make up the basic unit.   The three blocks can be completely different, or there can be repetitions.   Symmetrical triblock copolymers consisting of polymers A and B, which can be classified as ABA and BAB triblock copolymers.   In addition, there are also asymmetric triblock copolymers (ABC triblock copolymers) composed of three different types of polymers.   These block copolymers can prepare different types of nanoscale structures.   Due to their versatility in structure and drug delivery capabilities, triblock copolymers have been widely used to deliver various chemical drugs, genes, and contrast agents.   However, due to its own lack of luminescent properties, it is not conducive to in vivo drug tracking after administration as a drug carrier.   Therefore, adding fluorophores to Triblock Copolymers is a better solution for later studies.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies Flamma Fluor FKG456 and FKR648 labeled triblock copolymers.   Contact us to find out how fluorescent triblock copolymers can help you in your work.


Catalog: CDV026

PLGA MW: 1,700 Da

PEG MW: 1,500 Da

LA:GA 15:1


Catalog: CDV025

PLGA MW: 1,700 Da

PEG MW: 1,500 Da

LA:GA 15:1


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