Formulation Process Development

Drug delivery system is a technology that delivers drugs into the body in a specific manner to improve drug efficacy, reduce side effects, or improve patient compliance. Formula process development is a service that develops more special types of drug delivery carrier. Currently, microemulsions and orally soluble films are two popular systems, and they are widely used in drug development.

Schematic diagram of microemulsions and nanoemulsions fabricated from oil, water and surfactant.Figure 1. Schematic diagram of microemulsions and nanoemulsions fabricated from oil, water and surfactant.

Microemulsions are stable mixtures of oil phase, water phase, surfactants and adjuvants with uniform, nanometer-scale particle size. Microemulsions have been extensively studied to improve drug solubility, bioavailability, and targeting.

Orally soluble films are another type of drug delivery system, which are film-like materials that quickly dissolve or break down in the mouth, releasing the drug for therapeutic effect. The films are typically clear, odorless and easy to use, especially for patients who have difficulty with traditional oral solid dosage forms such as tablets or capsules, such as children, the elderly or individuals with swallowing difficulties.

These drug delivery systems have more prominent features than common delivery systems in terms of convenience and compliance in drug use, making these systems become popular drug delivery carriers that have attracted much attention.

To this end, CD Bioparticles provides formulation process development services to help solve the following challenges.

The challenges you might meet:

  • Drugs developed require multiple delivery methods
  • Carriers with high drug loading capacity are needed
  • Drug has low bioavailability
  • The medicine tastes bad and is not conducive to patient acceptance
  • The use of traditional oral solid dosage forms of drugs is not conducive to use by special groups of people

Formulation process development key features:

Formulation process development key benefits:

  • Capable of containing a large number of medications
  • Can interact more easily with biological fluids in the body, which helps improve drug absorption and distribution in the body.
  • Improve drug stability
  • Customize the release solution by adjusting its components to achieve sustained or controlled release.
  • It can be administered by oral administration, topical application, injection, etc., making it suitable for different types of treatment needs. Some of these carriers dissolve quickly in the mouth, making them easy to take and absorb.
  • Improve the solubility of hydrophobic drugs in water
  • Improve patient compliance
  • Some carrier systems can reduce the odor of drugs after being loaded with drugs, making them easier for patients to accept.
  • Suitable for special groups

Formulation process development application candidates:

  • Pediatric drug delivery vehicles
  • Emergency drug development and delivery
  • For preparation of capsule dosage forms
  • Precisely deliver drugs to specific tissues or cells to improve treatment effectiveness and reduce side effects
  • Mask the taste of drugs and improve patient acceptance
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