Functional Biomedical Coatings

CD Bioparticles’ services with customized biomedical coatings that modify controllable amphiphilicity, surface chemistry, topography, and the drug delivery profiling can help you to solve:

The challenges you might meet:

  • Low bioactivity of raw materials to construct scaffolds
  • Foreign body response to the scaffolds
  • Biofilm formation on scaffolds after transplantation
  • Replacement of the transplanted scaffolds due to the foreign body response to scaffolds and biofilm formation on the scaffolds
  • Unexpected degradation of the scaffolds
  • Slow wound healing process after the transplantation due to the lack of growth factors in some specific patients
  • Low tissue ingrowth on the implants

Key Features

  • Amine-Functionalized Coatings
  • Low-Binding, Non-Fouling coatings
  • Bio-Sensing Coatings
  • Antifibrosis Coating Materials & Kits
  • Thrombosis Coagulation Coating Materials & Kits
  • Anti-Thrombosis Coating Materials & Kits
  • Dental Coating
  • Superhydrophilic Coating
  • Superhydrophobic Coating
  • Bioinspired Lipid Coating
  • Osseointegration Coating
  • Drug Delivery Coating

Key benefits:

  • Drug-encapsulated coating that improves the bioactivity of coated scaffolds
  • Capable of sequential delivery of drugs with coatings
  • Improved tissue ingrowth on the scaffolds with the surface functionalized scaffolds
  • Avoiding biofilm formation after the transplantation of scaffolds with the antifouling coating
  • Decreased foreign body response to the functionalized scaffolds

Possible Applications:

  • To improve biocompatibility and bio-activity with the physical and chemical modifications of prepared scaffolds

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