Hydrophobic coatings

4.1. Overview:

Hydrophobic surfaces refer to the surfaces with a contact angle θ = 90-150°, which reduce or eliminate the adhesion of water, biological fluids, DNA and most other contaminants (Figure 1).

Hydrophobic coatings

Figure 1. Effect comparison diagram between uncoated (up) and coated (down)[1].

4.2. Applications:

Hydrophobic coatings

Figure 2. Application examples that usually need hydrophobic coatings.

4.3. Coating Materials:

  • Parylene
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Fluorinated polysiloxane
  • etc...

4.4. Services that CD Bioparticles can provide:

Hydrophobic coatings

CD Bioparticles is a world-renowned trusted biotechnology company with a skilled team of scientists and years of experience. We are robust with polymer material synthesis and processing, as well as medical device applications. Please feel free to contact us and our experienced technicians will give you the most detailed answers to your questions.

1. Xue Y. Chuangchao S. A facile approach to fabricate superhydrophobic coatings on porous surfaces using cross-linkable fluorinated emulsions. Chemical Engineering Journal. 2017, 330(15) 202-212.

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