2d-Nitrogen MOFs Linkers

Charged N-donor linkers, usually azolates, are commonly used to prepare porous coordination polymers. Such linkers constitute five-membered heterocyclic azolates whose coordination mode is via the deprotonated sp2 N-donor atom. According to the number of nitrogen atoms in the heterocycle, azolate-based frameworks can be classified as follows. Metal azolate based frameworks are made of five-membered heterocycles containing variable numbers of nitrogen-donor atoms. Such frameworks make up the azole moiety, ranging from imidazoles containing two coordinating nitrogen atoms to tetrazole containing four coordinating nitrogen atoms, which deprotonate to form the azole anion. Increasing the number of N atoms results in increased acidity of the linker donor group. Different linkers provide variable coordination modes and angles, for example imidazolic acid anions provide an angle of 140, while pyrazolic acid has a shorter binding angle, i.e., an angle of 70. If all attachment sites are available, the binding mode and geometry of the azolate can be easily predicted. The azolate derived frameworks exhibit simple geometries, but a rich diversity of structural topologies is possible. Due to a similar binding mode to carboxylate-based linkers, aza-based N-donor linkers are known to form several cluster-based compounds. Among them, pyrazole salts lead to the formation of secondary building unit (SBU)-based frameworks. Therefore, high-performance MOFs can be obtained by using 2d-Nitrogen MOFs linkers as starting materials for MOFs construction.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies 2d-Nitrogen MOFs linkers for MOFs synthesis. Contact us to find out how 2d-Nitrogen MOFs linkers can help you in your work.

1,2-Di (pyridin-4-yl)ethyne

Catalog: CDM-CH891

MW: 180.20532

CAS No.: 73564-69-9

1,4-bis (pyridin-4-ylethynyl)benzene

Catalog: CDM-CH824

MW: 428.48284

CAS No.: 158525-01-0

2,5-Bis (4-Pyridyl)-1,3,4-Oxadiazole

Catalog: CDM-CH751

MW: 224.21812

CAS No.: 15420-02-7

2,5-di (3-pyridyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazole

Catalog: CDM-CH779

MW: 240.28372

CAS No.: 15362-52-4

N,N'-Di (4-pyridyl)-1,4,5,8-naphthalenetetracarboxydiimide

Catalog: CDM-CH898

MW: 420.37648

CAS No.: 34151-49-0


Catalog: CDM-CH785

MW: 370.3178

CAS No.: 34072-51-0


Catalog: CDM-CH827

MW: 190.24496

CAS No.: 69506-86-1

1,1'-(Benzene-1,4-Diyldimethylene)-Bis (3,5-Dimethyl-1H-Pyrazole)

Catalog: CDM-CH828

MW: 294.39408

CAS No.: 172606-22-3


Catalog: CDM-CH756

MW: 190.24496

CAS No.: 37572-50-2

1,1'-[1,1': 4',1''-terphenyl]-4,4''-diylbis-1H-1,2,4-Triazole

Catalog: CDM-CH908

MW: 364.40264

CAS No.: 1663497-64-0

1,1'-[1,3-phenylenebis (methylene)]bis-1h-imidazole

Catalog: CDM-CH758

MW: 238.28776

CAS No.: 69506-92-9


Catalog: CDM-CH775

MW: 212.21072

CAS No.: 1435710-71-6

1,2-Di (2-Pyridyl)Benzene

Catalog: CDM-CH754

MW: 232.27988

CAS No.: 74764-52-6

1,2-Di (pyridin-4-yl)ethane

Catalog: CDM-CH783

MW: 184.23708

CAS No.: 4916-57-8

1,3-Bis (1-Imidazolyl)Propane

Catalog: CDM-CH742

MW: 176.21838

CAS No.: 69506-85-0

1,3-bis (1H-imidazol-1-yl)benzene

Catalog: CDM-CH753

MW: 210.2346

CAS No.: 69506-91-8

1,4-Bis (1-imidazolyl)benzene

Catalog: CDM-CH911

MW: 210.2346

CAS No.: 25372-07-0

1,4-Bis (2-methylimidazol-1-yl)butane

Catalog: CDM-CH822

MW: 218.29812

CAS No.: 52550-63-7

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