Porphyrins are a special class of macrocyclic conjugated aromatic systems. All porphyrin compounds contain a porphyrin ring as part of their structure, and the porphyrin molecule is often described as a combination of four pyrrole rings connected by four methine bridges to form a macrocycle. The macrocyclic conjugated structure of porphyrin is a system with 18 electrons, which has a rigid plane and is aromatic. On the porphyrin molecule, there are 8 β-positions and 4 meso-substitution positions, and chemical functional groups can be introduced by chemical methods to modify the porphyrin molecule. The different number of substituents (mono-, di-, tri-, and tetra-) and substituent positions (trans-A2B2 and cis-A2B2) of porphyrins at the substituent positions have a great influence on the properties of the participating MOFs. Among them, A2B2-Porphyrins is a porphyrin derivative of one of the substitution modes. Due to the porphyrin characteristics, when A2B2-Porphyrins are used as organic ligand linkers of MOFs, a convenient modified, high-performance MOFs material can be obtained. In addition, porphyrins have complex absorption spectra due to their unique electronic structures. Therefore, MOFs synthesized from A2B2-Porphyrins also possess special optical properties. When such MOFs are used for drug delivery, they go beyond traditional contrast agents and delivery vehicles and offer features such as cargo tracking, multimodal capabilities, and activatable phototoxicity.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies A2B2-Porphyrins for MOFs synthesis. Contact us to find out how the A2B2-Porphyrins can help you in your work.

4,4'-(7,8-dihydro-21H,23H-porphine-5,15-diyl)bis-Benzoic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH609

MW: 552.57876

CAS No.: 1797416-17-1

5,15-Di (4-Pyridyl)-10,20-Diphenylporphyrin

Catalog: CDM-CH611

MW: 616.71192

CAS No.: 71410-72-5

5,15-diphenyl-10,20-di (4-carboxyphenyl)porphine

Catalog: CDM-CH610

MW: 702.7548

CAS No.: 142168-26-1

5,​15-​bis (4-​carboxyphenyl)​-​10,​20-​dipyridyl porphyrin

Catalog: CDM-CH615

MW: 704.73092

CAS No.: 1628065-30-4


Catalog: CDM-CH613

MW: 646.7346

CAS No.: 147859-70-9

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