Bipyridine Blocks

Bipyridine is a class of products obtained from pyridine through a combined reaction, and two common ones include 2,2'-bipyridine and 4,4'-bipyridine. 2,2'-bipyridine is a bipyridine in which the two pyridine moieties are linked by a bond between positions C-2 and C-2'. It is a chelating ligand that can form complexes with most ions with a wide range of transition metals. Many of these complexes have unique optical properties. While 4,4'-bipyridine is structurally similar to 2,2'-bipyridine, it is a bipyridine composed of two pyridine moieties linked by a bond between positions C-4 and C-4'. Due to its structure, 4,4'-bipyridine can bridge between metal centers to form coordination polymers. In addition, it has redox activity. Since Bipyridine Blocks have the characteristic of forming coordination with metals, they can be used as organic ligand linkers for MOFs synthesis. In addition, due to the inherent characteristics of Bipyridine Blocks, the MOFs involved in the synthesis also have special optical activity.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies bipyridine blocks for MOFs synthesis. Contact us to find out how bipyridine blocks can help your work.


Catalog: CDM-CH638

MW: 188.18272

CAS No.: 30651-23-1

2,2'-Bipyridine, 5,5'-bis (bromomethyl)-

Catalog: CDM-CH640

MW: 342.029201030731

CAS No.: 92642-09-6

2,2'-Bipyridine-3,3'-dicarboxylic acid dimethyl ester

Catalog: CDM-CH644

MW: 272.25608

CAS No.: 39775-31-0


Catalog: CDM-CH648

MW: 188.182722091675

CAS No.: 36145-03-6


Catalog: CDM-CH639

MW: 188.18272

CAS No.: 24573-15-7

4,4'-Bis (bromomethyl)-2,2'-bipyridine

Catalog: CDM-CH649

MW: 342.029201030731

CAS No.: 134457-14-0

4,4'-Bis (Ethoxycarbonly)-2,2'-Bipyridine

Catalog: CDM-CH645

MW: 300.30924

CAS No.: 1762-42-1

4,4'-Bis (Methoxycarbonly)-2,2'-Bipyridine

Catalog: CDM-CH646

MW: 272.25608

CAS No.: 71071-46-0


Catalog: CDM-CH1349

MW: 186.2132

CAS No.: 18511-69-8

4,4'-dimethyloxy-2,2'-bipyridine 1,1'-dioxide

Catalog: CDM-CH642

MW: 248.23468

CAS No.: 84175-10-0


Catalog: CDM-CH653

CAS No.: 932396-96-8


Catalog: CDM-CH1350

MW: 186.2132

CAS No.: 52382-48-6

6,6'-Bis (bromomethyl)-2,2'-bipyridyl

Catalog: CDM-CH652

MW: 342.0292

CAS No.: 96517-97-4

diethyl 2,2'-bipyridine-6,6'-dicarboxylate

Catalog: CDM-CH647

MW: 300.30924

CAS No.: 65739-40-4

Dimethyl 2,2'-Bipyridine-6,6'-Dicarboxylate

Catalog: CDM-CH643

MW: 272.25608

CAS No.: 142593-07-5

Trimethyl [2,2': 6',2''-terpyridine]-4,4',4''-tricarboxylate

Catalog: CDM-CH654

MW: 407.37618

CAS No.: 330680-46-1


Catalog: CDM-CH641

MW: 216.235882759094

CAS No.: 71353-94-1


Catalog: CDM-CH650

MW: 188.18272

CAS No.: 90770-88-0


Catalog: CDM-CH651

MW: 216.23588

CAS No.: 63361-65-9

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