The properties of MOFs are closely related to their structures. Since their structures are mainly directly related to the metal clusters and organic linkers that compose them, it is very important to select appropriate organic linkers according to the end use of MOFs when synthesizing MOFs. Isophthalic acid is a linker. Isophthalic acid is considered useful for the construction of MOFs due to its easy availability, unique pattern of attachment angles, and a wide range of additional functional groups. Therefore, we provide isophthalic acid with modified groups for the synthesis of MOFs.

CD Bioparticles manufactures and supplies isophthalate linkers for MOFs synthesis. Contact us to find out how isophthalate linkers can help your work.

3,5-Bis (Methoxycarbonyl)Phenylboronic Acid

Catalog: CDM-CH661

MW: 238.00174

CAS No.: 177735-55-6

3,5-Bis (methoxycarbonyl)phenylboronic acid pinacol ester

Catalog: CDM-CH655

MW: 338

CAS No.: 944392-68-1

5-(TrifluoroMethyl)benzene-1,3-dicarboxylic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH658

CAS No.: 117186-03-5

5-Boronoisophthalic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH662

MW: 209.94858

CAS No.: 881302-73-4

5-Ethynylisophthalic acid

Catalog: CDM-CH657

MW: 190.2

CAS No.: 432025-97-3

DiMethyl 4'-hydroxy-[1,1'-biphenyl]-3,5-dicarboxylate

Catalog: CDM-CH637

MW: 286.28

CAS No.: 1245828-39-0

Dimethyl 5-ethynylisophthalate

Catalog: CDM-CH659

MW: 218.2

CAS No.: 313648-56-5

dimethyl 5-formylisophthalate

Catalog: CDM-CH660

MW: 222.1941

CAS No.: 164073-80-7

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